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  Welcome to the Kotel Cam control program. Here you will have a one-in-a-kind opportunity to view the Kotel (Western Wall) in a way most unique way. In order to assure that you have a pleasant experience, and are satisfied with the service you receive, please read the following terms of use:
1. Once you have registered and gained control of the camera, the billing session will begin.
2. At times, due to technical difficulties, the camera may not be operational. For this reason, billing will begin ONLY 1 minute after you have taken control. If, during this time you do not see the live video feed on your screen, please log off and inform us of the problem.
3. The Kotel Cam is designed to be used on PC compatible computers only.

If you don't see any picture (black square) click here

Move the camera
While you are controlling the camera you will see movement at speeds up to 10 times faster than those who are not paying for the service. Frame rate vary on bandwidth available and are normally between 1 3 frames per second. Speed may vary depending on band width coming from israel.

When moving the camera (left and right, up and down) click on the arrows on the control pad in which ever direction you which to move the camera.

Rapidly click 3 or 4 times and wait for the camera to move. It may take from 3 to 15 seconds for the camera to respond. Please be patient. When zooming in and out, Please do the same

  Zoom In/Out
To Enlarge the Image of the Kotel please scroll down to the bottom of the control page and use "Image Size" option to increase /decrease the size of the picture frame. Once again, there may be a several second delay before the enlarged image appears.
  Log Out
When you have finished using the controls, please remember to click on the "log-off" button to avoid being charged more than of what you have been used.

  Invite Friends
Share your experience with friends and family. Enter e-mail addresses of your friends below and a link to the free kotel viewer will be sent to them. We advise that you log in a few minutes before the event begins to assure that you have control of the camera.

Zoom out - Jerusalem
Zoom in - Kotel
Zoom in - people

Picture does not appear

Tools -> Internet Options

Make sure the security cofigiration sets on Medium

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